Selling B2E is an art of being in the right place at the right time with the right message. Education initiatives, funding and even accountability requirements are constantly fluctuating. Schools will tune into you when you are informed on what they need and when they need it.

I came up with this exercise to help reps to zero in on the “phrase that pays,” meaning the messaging that was resonating at a given time. A few times a year I’d ask the reps to look at their last 5 purchase orders received, and fill in this table:

My Last 5 PO’s
School/District Amount Product Lead Source Job Title of Client Advocate Funding Source Reason for Buying

The goal is to clearly separate what is different about the prospects who are lingering in the pipeline from the ones that closed. You want more like those. Knowing how they got there will help you create more opportunities for deals that close.

It has never failed to help reps target who they should be talking to, which products or subjects are in the lead, what funds they should be following, and what implementation benefits to talk up at a given time. This is far more positive and easier to complete than a win/loss analysis, and I think you get more actionable information from it.

If you are ready to go one step fancier, aggregate the data across the team and track it by date over time. Companies with a shorter sales cycle will want to compare results of this exercise for the three big sales drives of the K-12 funding cycle: back-to-school, start of second semester, and year-end. Now you’ll be ready to drive strategy with your market message and sales “talk track” ahead of the game next year!

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