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KidsWith more than 20 years in education sales management, Selling B2E Founder Julie Huston  has worked with large and small B2E companies including print and digital supplemental publishers, as well as developers of assessment, content management, learning management, and educational apps. Selling B2E is a free resource for K-12 edtech sales professionals and entrepreneurs, outlining the best practices in selling to schools.

About Selling B2E Founder, Julie Huston

Julie started her career in Marketing and Public Relations in the Sports and Entertainment Marketing industry. She took her promotional expertise into an entrepreneurial venture with her husband, selling outsourced Career and Technical Education programs to school systems. That business developed a second B2B division offering one day computer applications training and customized employee development programs. Nine years later, the business had grown into a successful regional training company servicing businesses, municipalities, unions, and school systems Julie Hustonin 7 states. Selling the business in 2000 gave Julie the chance to focus on ways to support her favorite customers, K-12 educators.

In 2002, Julie joined the recently launched Study Island. This state-specific practice and assessment tool was the first fully web-based system available in K-12. The next 10 years were a blur of driving the Study Island movement to over 22,000 schools, helping educators realize the benefits of cloud-based computing. As Executive VP of Sales, Julie led the Study Island sales team through rocketing growth, all the while maintaining a strong culture of passion for education, outstanding customer service, and teamwork.

Since 2012, Julie has shared her understanding for both startup B2E cultures and unique needs, as well as her talent for leading larger process-driven sales operations. Currently you can find Julie with the great team at Motion Math  www.motionmathgames.com where she is Head of Sales.

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