B2E Market
Sell School in Q2

There’s something cruel and unusual about Second Quarter B2E sales goals.  Q1 is also a tough time to close sales, but most sales VP’s are good a...

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Much Ado About Q2

This week, with the anticipated U.S. Senate approval of the Every Student Succeeds Act, Ed Tech strategists can hopefully lay to rest what I have com...

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How to Succeed in the ESSA Era

Rock, Paper, Scissors

I recently tried to survey free tools not just available to educators but created specifically for the K-12 education market.  I laughed out loud th...

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How do you Compete with Free?

Working an RFP

I almost held this until Wednesday and the entire post was going to be, “Ha, April Fools! You CAN’T win an RFP!” After reflection, I realiz...

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How to Win an RFP